Zero Data Entry.

The worst part about keeping your comic collection records is the data entry, with Comiq, there's no need; it's click to tick.

Wow. Such Database.

Comiq hooks right into the ComicVine API, so a quick search will return more series than you can shake a stick at.

The Game Is On.

Unlock badges for milestones in your comic collection. Badges include "Jesus Read This Issue" and "You Need To Get Out More..".

Never Miss An Issue.

Comiq allows users to 'follow' series they enjoy, and notifies them when a new issue is published. Don't say we never do anything for you.

See Friends Collections.

Make like James Bond and spy on your friend's collection. Judge what they read. Judge them in general.

Device Agnostic.

Comiq has been designed to work well on a range of devices, so you can carry your records with you at all times.

"Quite possibly the best app I've ever used"

No one, ever.

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